Monday, 17 December 2018


The Standing Stones of Stenness

These stones mean
That the ark drove a way
For a whole people to go over.
(We are risen with Christ.)

Entirely overwhelmed
By the returning river, lie stones
For our feet have stood there.
(We have died with Christ.)

That place had the name –
Ebenezer – before the victory
God was so assured of it.
(Christ was ever our Helper.)

In Beth-Shemesh
Was a great stone, ready
For the ark to be laid upon it.
(Christ will support all of Christ.)

Between two teeth, Bozez and Seneh,
Climbed Jonathan and his man,
To victory.
(Christ clung upon is health.)

29/06/2018         Finstown and Hatston

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  1. First of all, I like the versing. Secondly, I never heard of The Standing Stones of Stenness. Cool! Another reason to visit Scotland.


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