Thursday, 8 January 2015


When Moses has inscribed these truths
Taking up priestly work the youths
Make sacrifice to God;
As stony tables of the heart
Are graven with God's words, saints start
To sound His praise abroad.

After his reading Moses took
The blood to sprinkle men and book
To seal the covenant;
For the new covenant to take place
The blood of Jesus forms the base
Of all that God will grant.

Where He appeared in clarity
The Israelite nobility
Saw God and ate and drank;
By faith you can approach God now
And know that He to whom you bow
Confers the highest rank.

Now Moses goes before God's face
To take the mediator's place
And thus receive God's plan;
You may know all God chose to think
Of you because you have a link
In the ascended Man.

(Back now from a visit to believers on the Lord Jesus in India: good to see God's work there.)

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