Saturday, 15 November 2014


"Be not afraid!" His voice falls clear and still
Upon our ear;
Though boisterous winds and seas may seek to fill
Our hearts with fear.
But why should winds and rolling waves appal?
He walks, in heavenly light, above them all.

Now, Lord, attract our hearts to walk with Thee,
And bid us come!
Above the waves, in victory, Lord, to be
With Thee at home;
To find in Thee a sure and safe retreat,
The world and Satan's power beneath our feet.

With firm and steady step to take our stand
Close by Thy side;
To feel the touch of Thine own loving hand,
Whate'er betide.
And soon, the day will break and storms will cease,
A morn without a cloud, unbroken peace.

From"The Songs of the Lord", by T Willey.

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