Tuesday, 8 April 2014


See Joseph roused from his reverie
By the angel's message; hear the word
Of the distinctiveness of Christ's birth,
God's wisdom dictating that in every
Way He was unique.

Hear what the Father's Beloved had to say
In the temple: a Child devoted utterly
To His father's will, demonstrating to all
That frequented the place - in every way
He was unique.

What God's delight in One in whom sin
Was not!  Hear Him acclaimed from heaven;
Behold the Spirit descend as a dove
Upon Him, marking out that in
Every way He was unique.

There at Golgotha, between two thieves, see
The Lord of glory; there was no other
Atonement; no other death in power; no
Other invasion of death; in every way He
Was unique.

His grave was distinguished by God because
He was with the rich in His death - God
Watched the tomb, and the Father raising Him
Meant that in every way He was

One who was here, incomparably meek
Was received up in glory; Christ
Who once was rejected now is acclaimed,
The only sharer of the throne of the Father:
In every way He was unique.

6 April 2014

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