Friday, 11 April 2014


For true love what it can is what it must
And since it can it must redeem the lost:
Thus true love overcomes the lie of lust.

True joy will not be found in this world's froth
But as the ascended Man is in your view
You have a joy untouched by rust or moth.

True peace is only peace that will not cease
And Christ won such an ambience for His own
Where the peace dividends always increase.

The God of grace in whom true blessings start,
Desiring the salvation of us all,
Showed through longsuffering His loving heart.

Because God knows the burdens of mankind
True kindness and true love to man appeared:
Christ came to heal lame, leprous, dumb or blind.

True goodness has been seen - "fruit of the light" -
"Goodness and righteousness and truth" in men,
In persons Christ secured for God's delight.

When seeing Jesus in His dignity
Where His true faithfulness has been displayed
"Are not thine eyes upon fidelity"?

True meekness, seen in Jesus, was unique
Yet by the Spirit saints conform to Him:
God's heart is cheered by persons who are meek.

True self-control is when the Spirit fills
The soul and shows us Christ, to captivate
The heart – and not by human works or wills.

Does this work as a composition in its own right?  It's the them of Galatians 5 and Philippians 4 run in the other direction.

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