Wednesday, 16 April 2014

The Old Christian Day Song

John Irons
    With gladness we hail the blessed day
    Now out of the sea ascending,
    Illuming the earth upon its way
    And cheer to all mortals lending.
    God grant that His children everywhere
    May prove that the night is ending.

    How blest was that wondrous midnight hour
    When Jesus was born of Mary!
    Then dawned in the East with mighty power
    The day that anew shall carry
    The light of God's grace to every soul
    That still with the Lord would tarry.

    Should every creature in song rejoice,
    And were every leaflet singing,
    They could not His grace and glory voice,
    Though earth with their praise were ringing,
    For henceforth now shines the Light of Life,
    Great joy to all mortals bringing.

    Like gold is the blush of morning bright,
    When day has from death arisen.
    Blest comfort too holds the peaceful night
    When skies in the sunset glisten.
    So sparkle the eyes of those whose hearts
    In peace for God's summons listen.

    Then journey we to our fatherland,
    Where summer reigns bright and vernal.
    Where ready for us God's mansions stand
    With thrones in their halls supernal.
    So happily there with friends of light
    We joy in the peace eternal.
Anonymous - ? 14th century Danish. 

Translated from Danish: 
Taken from here.
John Irons blog has got me interested in Danish hymns.

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