Sunday, 20 April 2014


A noble love came to our world of dust
To ransom us, whatever it might cost:
For true love what it can is what it must.

The world exults in Baal and Astaroth
But a far nobler joy belongs to you:
True joy will not be found in this world's froth.

Man's compromise ignobly grants release
To sin; through grace a nobler peace is known:
True peace is only peace that will not cease

With noble kindness David sought to find
And show God's kindness to one who had feared,
Because God knows the burdens of mankind.

The Spirit lit the lamp to quell our night:
His noble workings are apparent when
True goodness has been seen - "fruit of the light".

Feeling the buffets of adversity
What noble faithfulness Stephen displayed
When seeing Jesus in His dignity.

In noble meekness see the Shepherd seek
Lost sheep in a poor world where life is grim:
True meekness, seen in Jesus, was unique.

With noble self-control amid men's ills
Stephen's demeanour can well demonstrate
True self-control is when the Spirit fills.

Whence was the work, far nobler than man's art
Displayed in the longsufferings of Paul?
The God of grace in whom true blessings start.

Does this work?  It's the "noble" verses of the villanelle series.

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