Tuesday, 13 August 2013


Marred; weak; afar; with the opprobrium
Of the rejected race... to catalogue
My blemishes would take too long; in sum
Encompass all in three words - “a dead dog”.
Mercy has reached me; grace has brought me near;
Kindness has given me a prince’s seat
And riches; perfect love has cast out fear:
The King Himself has made my bliss complete.

So if He is rejected in this world,
And the rebellious challenge has been hurled:
We will not have this Man to reign”, should I
Follow that trend? Surely I must deny
Myself, and, till my Sovereign comes again,
Live in the consciousness that “He must reign”.


  1. "To catalogue my blemishes would take too long." That line got me. Yet, despite our blemishes, the King always chooses to show love and mercy.

  2. Mercy, grace, kindness, and perfect love. All we need is what Jeaus gives.

  3. Nice sonnet David... you quite the poet, my friend... His grace is amazing indeed!


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