Tuesday, 6 March 2012


Methought I saw, as led by grace,
Strange wonders to behold,
The Sanctuary - the holy place
Where burn the lamps of gold.

A quivering Balance seemed to stand -
How marvellous the sight!
Divinely poised on either hand
The scales shone in the light.


There measured were the thousand rills
That flow down to the sea;
The mountains and the rounded hills,
Like dust they seemed to be!                     Isaiah 40: 12, 17

In purple or in rags arrayed,
Of high or low degree;
The sons of men were also weighed:
"Lighter than vanity".                                  Psalm 62: 9

Now let Chaldea's king be tried,
In pomp and majesty!
"Tekel!" the Balance true replied:
"Weighed and found wanting he!"             Daniel 5: 27

But see the gifts of purest gold
And many a precious stone;
The Temple's chest, of wealth untold,
Into the Balance thrown!

Two smallest coins then seemed to fall
From trembling hand and pale;
Their faintest echo seemed to call
From out the furthest scale;

With sudden force it fell and stayed;
The bullion rose on high!
The widow's might had far outweighed
The glittering treasury!                Mark 12: 41-44

Another by E.L.Bevir

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