Saturday, 25 February 2012


As beneficiaries of grace
Enrolled in the illustrious ranks
Of those who come before Thy face,
Our Father, we give thanks.

Initiates of love's design,
Acted upon in love's great ways,
Robed and secured in love divine,
Father, we give Thee praise.

As welcome to Thy residence
And liberated to explore
The splendours of its ambience,
Our Father, we adore.


  1. Oh yes! The older I become the more I adore my Lord and spending time with HIM.

    Thank you David for stopping by my blog and leaving a link to your free download in my comments. I downloaded it and am going to really enjoy the verses and quotes etc.. that you have shared.

    May God richly bless YOU,
    Lee Ann

  2. oops! I looked again at your blessings list download and realize these are each your very own daily pinned blessings and not scripture. Although they read beautifully like scripture. God has really gifted you with writing David.

    Thank you again!
    Lee Ann


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