Thursday, 6 May 2010


A Saviour’s love has reached for me
When I was swamped by sin;
He plucked me from the sweeping sea
And made me warm within.

A Shepherd’s love has shouldered me,
Guided when ways were rough,
Herded me on the mountain’s lee
And over-filled my trough.

A Father’s love has brought me up
And given me its best,
Through Christ I live, on Him I sup
And in Him I am blest.

The Spirit’s love works in my heart
That God’s love may be spread.
By Him Christ chooses to impart
His impetus as Head.


  1. you certainly have a gift with words :) I really like this one.

  2. David
    I like this too - can it be sung, and if so to what tune?
    (I have a problem rhyming 'rough' with 'trough', but I suppose it goes alright in Ulster-Scots 'ruch' and 'troch'!)

  3. You could try "Crimond" since it has a touch from Psalm 23 to it.

    I must have been pronouncing "rough" and "trough" wrong to the last fifty years; it's perfect rhyme to me!


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