Saturday, 19 September 2009


For the support of such a grand creation
As God's own house only one Rock is sure
To uphold all God's structure and endure
Attacks and storms ‑ and Christ is that foundation.

There is one glorious pattern which alone
Can gratify God's heart ‑ not a mere plan
From which to measure, but the glorious Man
Who pleased God well: Christ is that Corner Stone.

As patterned on that Man we can be built
As living stones each into his own place,
According to the riches of God's grace,
Freed from the stain and penalty of guilt.

The work continues. Soon God will present
His masterpiece ‑ yet we already know
Enjoyment of it ‑ and that work will show
The Headstone, Christ, its finest ornament!

(End of "Rock")


  1. Our beautiful Savior solid Rock and Chief Cornerstone, Jesus. Amen

  2. Thanks for stopping by, & for the encouraging words for my family,

    The LORD has been our Rock today for sure,,

  3. Praise the Lord
    The make His face to shine upon you .


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