Friday, 18 September 2009


Be, become, conform to being,
To me, your rebel, persistent wanderer,
Recurring prodigal, even to me,
A rock ‑ a covert, refuge and strong
Hold ‑ a rock of habitation
Whereunto I ‑ I, myself, who
With the mind serve God's law ‑
May continually, and continuously too,
Till time dissolves out of continuousness,
Resort, like the rock badger,
But a feeble folk ‑ yet exceeding wise ‑
Who make their house in the cliff.


  1. God is our strong rock of salvation. If we build our "house" upon this rock, we will never be shaken even though storms of life buffet it. Thanks for the inspired poem. God bless.

  2. This ongoing poem on Jesus our solid rock is very beautiful


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