Tuesday, 8 April 2008


Alive in every natural relation,

Alive in all the joy of life,

And, through God's operations in salvation

Amid a world of death and strife

She was alive to God.

But suddenly God took her from the duty

And joy of earth's relationships

One said she lay there "in her usual beauty"

As blood and flesh relaxed their grips

Alive to none but God.

And now the earthen vessel has been broken

With all the claims of earth;

For no one may refute what God has spoken.

Yet while we smart at death and dearth

She is alive to God.

She, with his saints, awaits the resurrection;

She, with his saints, awaits Christ's call:

She will arise, clothed in a fresh perfection,

Assembling with His saints who all

Will be alive to God.

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