Tuesday, 22 July 2014


God acted that we might
Have Christ for our delight,
And now - how glorious! -
Christ finds delight in us!

Monday, 21 July 2014


What a heart is the heart of Christ!
For in love for His God He came
To this earth to fulfil all the Fathers will
And to honour the Fathers name.

What a heart is the heart of Christ!
Think of all that He would incur -
None would turn Him aside till He won His bride:
He gave all that He had for her.

What a heart is the heart of Christ!
He will heed all His peoples plaints;
Till He takes us in love to His home above
He will cherish His blood-cleansed saints.

Sunday, 20 July 2014


It is a great thing for the soul
To know that it is known of Christ;
For He has given it a role
From which it cannot be enticed
It knows a shepherds love will keep
It safe from danger as His sheep.

Discovered by the Spirits light
The soul will also find it great
To be not only clear and bright
But usable to circulate,
Reflecting, through abundant grace,
The glories of the Masters face!

How great that, after Gods embrace,
It knows that He is glad to bring
It into an eternal place,
Wearing the sandals, robe and ring:
It glorifies the God who runs
To welcome souls, and call them sons.

Saturday, 19 July 2014


I love to sing of Jesus,
The Man who set me free,
The Son of God who loved me
And gave Himself for me.

He gave Himself to save me
And bore my penalty
Because the Man who loved me
Desired my company.

He died because He loved me,
He died to do Gods will;
As risen and ascended
My Saviour loves me still.

Hes coming soon to take me
To be before His face
To share His love and glory,
And celebrate His grace.

Friday, 18 July 2014


Christ came to the earth to take up our condition,
To rescue us sinners from death and disaster,
Redeeming by blood from mere human tradition
Whatever it cost Him: How great is our Master!

How vast was the muster of all thats unholy
To challenge the Saviour, but His power was vaster;
Amidst their deployment His conduct was lowly,
Yet love overthrew them: How great is our Master!

If mans power was evil and Satan vexatious,
Most sore was Gods sword stroke against Christ, our Pastor,
He bore it entirely because He is gracious:
His ransomed saints praise Him - How great is our Master!

Thursday, 17 July 2014


Before the time when man fell into sin
God had another kind of Man in mind,
Suited in acts to what Gods loved designed
Because His mind conformed to Gods within.

Before mans reign of sinfulness and pride
God had another kind of Man in mind -
A lowly Man, unselfish, always kind,
On whom the Holy Spirit could abide.

Before my sinful nature showed its force
God had another kind of man in mind,
Who gave power to the lame, sight to the blind,
And in Himself answered my sinful course.

And now I learn - before the world began
Gods love and wisdom chose me in that Man.

Wednesday, 16 July 2014


The Centre holds: things do not fall apart
Because the Centre is the ascended Man
Whose work and worthiness secure our heart,
Who works all things to God's eternal plan.
If God confided everything to Him
Because he loves Him, we have confidence
Although the moment's outlook may seem dim,
The end will demonstrate His excellence.

Here He displayed the way we ought to go;
There He sustains in interceding love;
His Spirit guides us on the paths below
And soon we shall be with our Lord above.

So, as the wonder of God's ways unfolds
We trust in Jesus Christ: the Centre holds.

Written early today - my 60th birthday; 16 July 2014

Tuesday, 15 July 2014


Oh praise the Saviour for His love
Which made Him take on blood and flesh
As come from realms which are above
To bring men back to God afresh.

Love brought Him to a world of sin
Which held men in captivity;
He worked in grace to bring men in
To righteousness and liberty.

Love led the Saviour to the tree
To bear sins judgement and atone
That sinners might be just and free,
Secured by Christ to be His own.

Victorious through all He endured
He sits upon the throne above:
We sing, as those He has secured,
Oh praise the Saviour for His love!