Wednesday, 28 January 2015


(Chap 4: 4)

And every one shall sit “under his vine
And under his fig-tree” as made replete,
Enjoying both a joy that is divine
And blessings that are succulent and sweet.

What blessedness that this is what we see
By faith, as each believer takes his seat,
“Under his vine and under his fig-tree”.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


(Chap 4: 2)

“And he shall teach us of his ways”, the nations
Will say, and bind themselves to follow in
His paths. For Christ shall bring in new relations
On earth when His millennium shall begin.

All shall redound to God the Father's praise
As He by whom the world is cleansed from sin
Shall rule, “and he will teach us of his ways. 

Monday, 26 January 2015


(Chap 3: 8)

He told them, “truly I am filled with power by
The Spirit of Jehovah”; what he claimed
Was proved by all the blessing he was showered by
In light concerning Christ which he proclaimed.

Blest Spirit, as I see the Man I'm thrilled with
And seek to gather where His Name is named
May I have power that truly I am filled with!

Sunday, 25 January 2015


(Chap 2: 13)

Since “One that breaketh through” has gone before
We may advance whatever may ensue;
One who was once confined has burst the door
Of death, securing pasture that is new.

Discern, because of the exultant noise
The host of men since “One that breaketh through”
Has gone before to lead to heavenly joys. 

Saturday, 24 January 2015


(Chap 2: 7)

God says, “Do not my words do good to him
That walketh uprightly”. It is his food
For every day; whenever life is dim
It is his light; his guard when sins intrude.

It is his tutor in the heavenly ways:
For this, and more: “Do not my words do good
To him that walketh uprightly”, God says.

Friday, 23 January 2015


(Chap 1: 15)

'I will yet bring to you an heir.' God keeps
His promises, and all His loving ways
Bring out the glory of the hidden deeps
Of works in purpose to secure His praise.

But what a thought of grace that we should share
As Christ's co-heirs. What boundless grace essays
To promise He will bring to us an Heir.

Thursday, 22 January 2015


But where God wished a sanctuary
He quickly found idolatry
As Israel's fervour failed;
Though you may have the greatest light
You need still to maintain its height
For it will be assailed.

The time was long, the bondage sore,
The word occasional before
Recovery came in;
Oh Christian soul, do not relax
For joys will wane and sorrows wax
As you make way for sin.

For when the conquest would restart
God found a man after His heart
Who would do all His will;
As Christ in beauty fills our view
Abundant blessing will ensue
Through what He will fulfil.

David, through all life's storms and calms
Distilled experience into psalms
For God's unending praise;
And Christ now, as He moves and tends
Our souls wakes worship which ascends
In anthems that we raise.

Affection and affliction shared
In the material prepared
For what his son would build;
Love answers love to bring us near
While suffering shapes how we appear
So that God's house is filled.

Trumpets and singers in accord
Proclaim the glory of the LORD:
The house fills with the cloud;
Now glory fills the courts above
And sons praise with united love,
Reverent, but uncowed.

Let hallelujahs now resound
Unto the LORD for He has crowned
The work He had begun;
Praise Him by whom all was conceived,
And now the matchless deed's achieved,
Determined, dared, and done.
This concludes "Progress"; I trust you will enjoy the plagiarism from Christopher Smart in the ending.

Tuesday, 20 January 2015


Joshua has assumed the lead;
Victuals are cooked on which to feed;
The ark fills Israel's view;
Christ formed in you may be your guide;
Christ is the food God will provide;
Christ is the Way for you.

Although the Jordan overflows
The priest-borne ark serenely goes
Into the watercourse;
The One who is the Prince of life
Has boldly entered into strife
Against death's awesome force.

O Jordan, why do you retreat
The moment that these priestly feet
Rest in your water's flow?
O death, why do you taste defeat?
The work of Christ is so complete
It quells our ancient foe.

Caleb, whom God had caused to live,
Called for the place they were to give
Despite the Anakim;
The Lord provides a heavenly place
Now, through the Spirit's power, and grace,
For those who trust in Him.

At Caleb's challenge Othniel took
Debir, the city of the book,
And Achsah was his prize;
Now vigorously overthrow
Man's wisdom - and God's love will show
Fresh blessings to your eyes.

When Caleb gave a southern land
He blessed, at Achsah's fresh demand,
Upper and lower springs;
In spiritual or moral thought
It's by the Spirit that we're brought
To life in holy things.