Thursday, 19 January 2017


Abraham's servant did his will
In going to a distant land
To find and guide a woman till
She was the bride for Isaac's hand.

And so the Holy Spirit serves
In His meek place to suit God's mind;
He works to nourish and preserve
Christ's bride, till she will be refined.

And saints serve in humility
And meekness garnered from His ways
And, serving in His company,
They burgeon in their Master's traits.

Monday, 16 January 2017

Tuesday, 10 January 2017


Before God’s earliest actions in creation had begun
The One we know as Father loved the One we know as Son.

Before God made our planet as a dwelling for mankind,
The Man who shed His precious blood was in the Father’s mind.
Before man’s course of sin and disobedience had its start
I had a status as a son, within the Father’s heart.
After God’s operations in the realms of time are done
Our God and Father will receive the kingdom from the Son.
After rebellion’s last defeat when everything is blest
God’s tabernacle will be there and all will be at rest.

After He has disposed of worlds affected by sin’s taints
God will have Christ as source of joy - and Christ formed in the saints.


Now God is working on the earth where Christ was crucified
That in the hearts of ransomed saints Christ might be magnified.

Now through the Son and Spirit’s work in testimonial ways
Saints are secured, and formed like Christ, to give the Father praise.

Now saints rejoice to be for Christ where He has been despised
While features of assembly light are being realised.

Saturday, 7 January 2017


His kingdom will not cease
To flourish and increase
In righteousness and peace.

Tuesday, 3 January 2017


What wealth the stolid camels bore
With Eliezer as their guide,
But Isaac saw them bearing more:
The coming camels bore his bride.

What wealth of heaven Thou dost bear,
Blest Spirit: it cannot be priced.
We wonder at Thy faithful care
As Thou dost bear the bride to Christ.

And God sees the fidelity
Of persons who have learned Thy ways;
He will have through eternity
Such faithful servants for His praise.

Monday, 2 January 2017


"Let not your heart be troubled", Jesus told
The eleven as He girt them for their grief:
Knowing their faith in God He could unfold
That He would be their Object of belief.
He told them, "In the Father's house there are
Many abodes"; He would prepare a place
Distinctly ours, above the highest star,
Where we shall be before the Father's face.

"I go", He told them, and the going meant
The cross, the tomb, the garden, and the throne;
He came alone; but through the way He went
The Christ our Lord did not remain alone.

For, taken from the scene where we have grieved,
It is unto Himself we are received.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016


Clearly that day was not when first
Rebecca used the well's resource
For strength to slake the camel's thirst
Came since the well was her recourse.

What kindness Thou hast shown to us,
Blest Spirit, in that Thou wilt be
A constant living well, and thus
To give the power to go with Thee.

Such kindness, too, Rebecca shoed
And this is what God's people show
Because God's grace has overflowed
To those who walk in Thee below.

Saturday, 24 December 2016


"My Spirit shall not always plead",
God said.  And yet Thou didst plead on
In grace, but when men felt their need
The opportunity was gone.

Yet in our day Thou dost plead still
In the glad tidings of God's grace,
Pleading to "whosoever will",
While mercy waits in every case.

We honour Thy long-suffering
Throughout the dispensation's years,
And help for saints, which Thou dost bring
Till their long-suffering appears.