Thursday, 2 July 2015


There is in love a sweetnesse readie penn'd
Copie out only that, and save expense:
So I attempt to write without pretense
Letting love give what it may choose to send.
Love is the goal; love is the way we wend
And we are Christ's and He our recompense. 
So, to see love where it is most intense,
Up to Mount Olivet my soul ascend.

"Sonnets are full of love", and so I love
The sonneteers: but, knowing this I pray
That ways shall not distract me from the Way,
But may my heart perpetually be raised
To love the Man upon the throne above:
Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


Extol in various languages the Lord
Who has come near to us in all our need
And in His Father's throne will intercede.
Persons once alienated, who abhorred
The words of God, and consequently warred
Against His preachers and His truth are freed
From follies that idolatry decreed
To join words to His glory in one chord.

For I love words, and love to play on them:
But since I am fantastic and absurd
My words require subjection to the Word;
Since He is the Beginning and the End
For wordsmith who serve His Jerusalem
There is in love a sweetnesse readie penn'd.

Tuesday, 30 June 2015


And now He gives me the Nilgiri Hills,
The Krishna river, the Deccan plateau,
Horse-traps and camel carts; the gorgeous show
Of sarees; of the field where someone tills
With oxen; Mumbai's heat's and Ooty's chills;
Street cattle; flower-abundant trees that grow
From drought; an ornamental lake aglow;
The tastes and senses India distils;

Good company: the joy that supersedes the rest:
Good company, who in a heathen land
Are touched by Jesus Christ and understand
He died for them; thus brought into accord
They, having Christ as their first interest,
Extol in various languages the Lord.

Monday, 29 June 2015


Seeing God's power and wisdom in display.
In His creation I am moved to praise;
Dawn wakens every day with His sun's rays;
His flowers and herbs and bushes hedge my way;
His creatures low or chirp or roar or bray,
While birds express themselves in sweeter lays
All to His glory: night to night conveys
The chorus of the songs of day to day.

And best I love the hills where I can walk
And talk with friends, and God; where lonely pines
Sentry the sgurrs and stucs, and light defines
Countours of grandeur, while the spirit thrills
To vistas which my eye and lenses stalk;
And now He gives me the Nilgiri Hills!

Sunday, 28 June 2015


We thank Him for the children given us
Regarding them as children lent to Him,
Aware that they were neither cherubim
Nor petty playthings over which to fuss.
Neither sublime nor quite ridiculous
A father's love observed each faltering limb
Or tongue direct and strengthen to be trim,
Articulate, keen and adventurous.

I love my children for whom I have prayed
And gladly see the answer to my prayers
In that they are the Lord's and He is theirs.
While a next generation makes me pray,
And play, within the ambience God has made
Seeing God's power and wisdom in display.

Saturday, 27 June 2015


There she still shines as a resplendent bride
After near forty years of married life!
Rosemary: I am told to love my wife
As Christ loved the assembly.  Oh how wide
And long and deep and high, and to abide,
The love of Christ that won through grief and strife;
Yet as the blade and handle form one knife
We too are one, though grace He will provide.

I love my Rose in her variety:
The Pilgrim, Delicate Beauty, Superstar
Peace, Grace or Dove - she outshines them by far:
Lets sum her up as Blooming Marvellous!
Blessed by the Father in our amity
We thank Him for the children given us.

Friday, 26 June 2015


They are united in the Spirit's power
As the assembly, answering Christ's heart;
I love the assembly as it stands apart
To be for Him, a confident white flower;
To be for Him, resplendent in the shower
Of blessings that surround her; heaven's art
Has formed and strengthened: hades' gates can't start
To make Christ's grand assembly quake or cower!

Christ's love for the assembly is so great
He gave Himself for her: and who can speak
Of such great love for what He came to seek?
Conformed to Him as one built from His side,
John saw her in the aeon we await:
There she still shines as a resplendent bride.

Thursday, 25 June 2015


He will secure His purpose in His saints
And so I love them as the ones He chose
Before the worlds began, but now as those
Whom Jesus' blood has cleansed from all sin's taints.
Yet we remain where sin and sin's complaints
Affect us, and a sultry wind still blows;
I love the saints because my spirit knows
That they will bring it succour when it faints.

These are the sons of God and they are led
In worship by the Spirit.  These are men
The Father gave to Jesus and who yen
To please Him, while among their plenteous dower
Of graces it can thankfully be said
They are united in the Spirit's power.