Friday, 24 October 2014


We often sing the line
Father, to Thee we now draw near,
Yet freshly thrill to find God thought this blessing should be mine,
And even more to apprehend it is to satisfy Gods heart that we are here.

We do not come alone -
With Christ the Firstborn to appear.
Each one has been a living stone drawn to the Corner Stone -
The Son who gives the character to all that has its part in Gods eternal sphere.

Since we are now His sons
The double portion we enjoy;
He chose before time was to draw us near as heavenly ones;
The Father gave His Spirit in our hearts which, in His presence makes our spirits buoy.

And now we know a place
Where endless praise our lips employ;
Warmed by paternal love as brought here by transcendent grace,
We magnify the Fathers glorious Name within a place where sin cannot alloy,

And Abba Father cry.

Thursday, 23 October 2014


He will be with His saints;
His saints will be with Him,
Beyond the present grim
Restrictions and complaints.

Recall, amid restraints,
When all around seems dim:
He will be with His saints;
His saints will be with Him.

Already He acquaints
Our souls with joys that brim;
More blest than cherubim,
As drawn by love's constraints,
He will be with His saints;
His saints will be with Him.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014


Among God’s ancient chosen race
Who always tended to rebel
One came to show the heart of God,
Whose title is Emmanuel.

“God with us”, to express God’s love,
To show His constant will to bless,
To bring a humbled nation back
And to fulfil all righteousness.

The poor in spirit were His care,
Hungerers, those who mourned, the meek,
And all whom human pride despised;
Such were the ones He came to seek.

He listened to His Father’s voice
Each morning from the time He woke,
And His disciples came to know
The Father of whose grace He spoke.

The children God had given Him,
Under His word and touch, began
To grow in grace and thus display
The features of the heavenly Man.

He praised His Father that though He
Was One the nation might despise
The Father had revealed to babes
What had been hidden from the wise.

If Israel despised His rights
And thus blasphemed the Father too
The Gentiles were embraced to share
In concepts which were wholly new.

For He was minded to secure,
To His great cost, the entity,
Unnamed as yet to men, which would
Delight Him to eternity.

But Who was this who in His grace
Among the needy humbly trod?
The Father sovereignly revealed
It was the Christ, the Son of God.

Into a world of sins and ills
One who was God in Person came,
And His assembly can be built
On the confession of His Name.

Yet if that joy for Christ and God
Will merge as a celestial whole,
It meant His suffering and death,
It meant the anguish of His soul.

Those who are faithful to His name
Through this can be victorious
As conscious of the present love
Of Him who came as “God with us”.

Tuesday, 21 October 2014


How do we answer when we see
The excellence of Jesus’ face
Replete with righteousness and grace?
“Arise, anoint Him, this is He!”

Knowing the grace that sets us free
To enjoy the fragrance of His Name,
His brethren joyously exclaim,
“Arise, anoint Him, this is He!”

We who are raised to high degree,
Surrounding One beyond compare,
Appreciatively declare,
“Arise, anoint Him, this is He!”

Monday, 20 October 2014


“Behold the Man!” poor Pilate cried,
Knowing the Master’s innocence:
And centuries of saints replied:
“Behold the Man!”

Betrayed by Judas, and denied,
Scourged by the Romans – how immense
The sufferings of the Crucified!

Yet much more awful and intense
His sufferings before He dies.
Drinking all, He can now dispense:
Behold the Man!

Sunday, 19 October 2014


Because of all that God has done
In giving us His only Son
Let us go on!

Since Christ descended from above
To show the fulness of God’s love
Let us go on!

Because the land of promise which
God purposed for His saints is rich
Let us go on!

The Spirit drawing us apart,
Spreading God’s love within our heart
Let us go on!

Saturday, 18 October 2014


Let songs of praise and wonderment be raised
To Him who, having suffered to atone,
Is seated now upon the Father’s throne –
The Lord is great, and greatly to be praised!

Until His advent dying creatures groan,
Waiting until sin’s imprint is erased –
But even now a song comes from His own –
The Lord is great, and greatly to be praised!

Soon He will come to reign, but not alone,
Since saints will share the glory to be shown.
While all the earth will sing, blessed and amazed,
The Lord is great, and greatly to be praised!

Friday, 17 October 2014


(On the death of a sister in Christ)

One who had answered to the Saviours call,
Come unto meand I will give you rest
Took up the yoke of Him who served us all,
As many whom she worked for can attest.
As Martha served, she served, but now is blessed
In dying in the Lord. This is reserved
For her and all who serve Him: they shall rest,
But God will not forget that they have served.

For those she loved and served most, who are left,
The Man who is of meek and lowly heart
Tells them - as when He was Himself bereft
Of one He loved - Come ye yourselves apart
Into a desert place and rest a while -
To learn His touch, and sympathetic smile.