Tuesday, 31 March 2015


Before the exploit
God saw a character of manhood
That he could designate
"A man after my heart".

Seeing his subject spirit,
His faith, and his delight
In God's pleasure, he was "a man ...
Who shall do all my will".

When the exploit came
The beauty within him,
The excellent qualities,
Shone with a fresh sheen.

The giant defeated,
He became a centre of attraction
As others awoke to a glimpse
Of God's view of the man.

Features and actions
Glimmer forth the light
Which blazed forth in the Root
And Offspring of David.

Monday, 30 March 2015


This beauty, replete, rare,
Is Woman.

Both in the willing and the working,

If not the first
This was the fecund love.

Full of zest and thirst,
She springs with agility.

Her soul bound with mine in
The bundle of the living.

Gracefulness and dignity,
Embrue each footstep.

(Woman of Worth)
More valuable than rubies
This woman I have found!

Sunday, 29 March 2015


If Satan offered natural resource
In face of Christ's apparent need of food
The Lord displayed that He had amplitude
Because the word of God was His recourse.
If Satan proffered next the world's resource
It and its power were readily eschewed
Since a dependent Man gladly pursued
A way that owned God as His only source.
Religiousness was Satan's last resource
In imitation of what God found good
But for the Lord, whose spirit was imbrued
By faith, this last temptation had no force.

So Satan left Him for a time - and found
The tide of grace was sweeping his domain;
So when he challenged Jesus yet again
It was with force, the power of death, and fear.
He could not understand One who was bound
By love with which force could not interfere.

The altar's horns were of itself; it stood
Four-square; it bore the heat; and God had seen
Under the copper was acacia wood.

Friday, 27 March 2015


Despite man's sanctimonious gloss
And actual wickedness
The Lord of glory, on the cross,
Accomplished righteousness.

Since Christ did all He had to do
To free God's heart to bless
His resurrection witnessed to
Accomplished righteousness.

Because the Father saw how great
His Well-beloved's success
Christ was caught up , to celebrate
Accomplished righteousness.

Thursday, 26 March 2015


The wolves circle; eyes
Of lions peer through the scrub.
A bear's shadow looms:
Jehovah is my Shepherd.

Mire here; there a treachery
Of scree; I probe the peat,
Scud on poor footing:
Jehovah is my Rock.

Clouds shadow; shadows
lengthen; night edges
Over the horizon:
Jehovah is my Light.

Sin wars against me; Satan
Attempts to entangle me;
Terror on every side:
Jehovah is my Fortress.

Sins assail me; closely
Satan presses me; how
Stand or withstand?
Jehovah is my Shield.

Held; above the battle,
Glimpsing His glimpses
Of man's trite warfare:
Jehovah is my high Tower.

In my place of safety
Enfolded, I can exclaim
Joyfully: Jehovah
Is my Strength and Song.

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Beloved, join the ransomed throng
Who sing in jubilation,
'Jehovah is my strength and song
And He is my salvation'.

Toward heaven where they all belong
They sing in celebration,
'Jehovah is my strength and song
And He is my salvation'.

Their faith in God has made them strong
To sing in exultation
'Jehovah is my strength and song
And He is my salvation'.

Tuesday, 24 March 2015


Despite the rigour of the darts
That Satan's forces wield
I have the peace that God imparts:
"Jehovah is my shield".

Despite the rage of wind and seas
Whose heaving billows shock
I am secure, yet on my knees:
"Jehovah is my rock".

Though Satan rails at me - or charms - 
I shall reach home at length
As held by the eternal arms:
"Jehovah is my strength".

And as I journey to the place
To which I now belong
having the benefit of grace
"Jehovah is my ... song".

Saturday, 21 March 2015


Outcast and downtrodden
Were drawn in and uplifted
By the compassionate Man.

Sorrows, sinfulness, rejection
Bore on the spirit
Of the suffering Man.

Yet beyond man's sight, God
Delighted in the lineaments
Of the heavenly Man.

Man's coarseness roughed Him up;
God's justice smote Him,
The crucified Man.

But God ensured by His servants
The care of the body
Of the incorruptible Man

Till as sign of God's favour
His brethren beheld
The risen Man.

Heaven acclaimed,
As He passed through in triumph,
The ascended Man.

Lord Jesus, come!
Our hearts are longing for Thee,
The coming Man.