Sunday, 6 November 2022

JESUS IS BORN by William Alabaster

Jesus is born. Peace, such high words forbear,
Which only angel’s mouth deserves to unfold.
Then let them speak these mysteries enrolled.
At me, they must be sung of that sweet choir.
Then let mine ears that blessed carol hear.
No, only holy shepherds be so bold.
With joy then let them hear this uncontrolled.
Nor do, for holy shepherds hear with fear.
Ay me, that am unworthy him to name,
Yet none so worthy to be named as he,
Ay me, unworthy for to hear the same,
Yet nothing so deserveth heard to be.
What then? Compare both these, his worth, my scorn;
His far weigheth down: Jesus is born.

William Alabaster (1567-1640)

Selkirk and Area

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