Tuesday, 4 October 2022


Crowds acclaimed Him, disciples kept by Him;

Yet in time, disowned, betrayed and denied:

No human company.


(Inverness, Whisk Away Café 4 June 2022)


God’s action: He “gave his strength into

Captivity, and his glory into

The hand of the oppressor”.


There is no garden in Gethsemane;

All was the press of the spirit of Jesus:

Oppressed; depressed.


Unbounded in blessing; dweller in

Unbounded light; unbounded grace led

To being bound.


The Leader and Completer of faith has been

Led; the Leader of salvation led; the Originator of life

Has been slain.


(Tushielaw, 10 June 2022)


The feet that had walked in the Father’s way;

The hands that had reached out in blessing:

Men pinned to the cross.


(Tushielaw, 11 June 2022)


Denizen of eternal glory;

Habitue of the Father’s presence;

A forsaken Man.




Emmanuel, the Root and Offspring of David;

The Lamb of God; the Saviour of the world;

A forsaken Man.


(Loanhead, Lord’s day 12 June 2022)

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