Wednesday, 7 October 2020

The Catch

 I don't know if you saw this story  I responded with this:

They could not force the door.  As the fire blazed

The boys were locked within.  So the three ran

Down to their friend who desperately gazed

Up at the boys' high window. Their last plan

Now was to catch the children as they fell

Forty-five feet.  Braced for the falls to impact,

They huddled; and, through mercy, it befell

That they, though wounded, held the boys, intact.

But one Man broke my fall; the Lord was bruised

For my transgressions; for by no great act

Of power, but through the One whom men abused,

Now I am in the Saviour's arms, intact.

And if you are to be redeemed you must

Fall to the arms of Christ in simple trust. 

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