Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Filled with the fruit of travail of His soul

The Allan Water, Stirlingshire Scotland

Filled with the fruit of travail of His soul

The heart of Jesus Christ is satisfied.

The saints, the product of His work, extol

The excellencies of the Man who died.

And He will be their Teacher and their Guide,

Unveiling for them wonders of God’s mind;

They learn that He will have them by His side

Blessed, quickened, washed, instructed and refined.


He is the bearer of iniquities,

And they acclaim what He has done for them

While righteous service makes them celebrate;

Seeing how He heals their disparities

Through suffering and not man’s stratagem

God gives this Man a portion with the great.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks; the photos were taken about 1 hour from home, just approaching the beginnings of the Scottish Highlands. The path is associated with Robert Louis Stevenson.


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