Monday, 30 September 2019


The Light appeared
- The Light of the world -
But cottages, synagogues, villas
Were shuttered or blinded.

Yet, through mercy, a few
Shutters were rotted, blinds
Were frayed: glimmers
Pierced gloom.

Householders peered at the glow,
Loosened curtain or wood.

Cautiously, tenderly
Some souls
Moved to the doors, slid
Quietly into
The full blaze of the Sun.

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  1. Hi David. It's funny, I just started teaching John, in our small group gathering. We have now spent two weeks of the Light. Your verse reminded me of how we don't have any idea how dark our lives are, until the Light of God's Word is shined upon us. Good Verse1 Shalom!


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