Monday, 1 April 2019


Did the bondman Paul
Smile wryly as he ennobled
The Roman wounds
To "the brand of the Lord Jesus"?      (Gal 6: 17)

Of Paul the prisoner "with
A chain when he enhanced it
To an ambassador's insignia,
Ironically?                                             (Eph 6: 20)

Or the apostle when he honoured
Rome's persecuted as "those
Of the household of Ceasar"?                (Phil 4: 22)

No jail could reduce
The "prisoner of the Christ Jesus",
"The prisoner of the Lord" to
A mere prisoner of Rome.                     (Eph 3:1; Eph 4: 1)



  1. Love the ending. A mere prisoner of Rome or the honor of being a "prisoner" of the Lord...

  2. I love the bibleverse you give me, near this poem.


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