Tuesday, 1 January 2019


(for Rosie)

A new year has begun: and swells of change
Will surge behind and swirl around our boat;
As days move on landscapes will rearrange
And through grace only will we stay afloat.
Yet as our curragh rushes on we'll know
There is within a place we love to share
Since though the currents drive and torrents flow
We're nurtured by a wife and mother's care.

And up above the sun, in changelessness,
Provides a fixed point, rule, and warmth and light;
It constancy rebukes our fickleness;
It brightness warms us still and makes us bright.

Since God's great love in Christ casts out all fear
We voyage together through another year.

Written for New Year 1996

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  1. Nice sonnet. I wish you a good new year!

    The God who in the beginning made the heavens and the earth has not changed. And because of that he is more than equal to the supplying of all our needs and the answering of all our prayers. Just as he has always been! (source: Banner of Truth)


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