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What a cluster of glories:
Robed by his father
In purity of byssus, scarlet’s
Royalty, imperial purple,
Heavenly blue, gold …

He went forth from his father
From the vale of Hebron
Seeking the welfare of
His brethren; “Come”, they said,
“And let us kill him …”

He went down into the pit,
Stripped of his brilliant coat;
Down into Egypt,
Down into slavery,
Down, down, into the prison house.

Pharoah gave Joseph his ring, dressed him
In byssus, adorned him
With a gold chain!  He made him ride in
The second chariot.  And they cried before him,
“Bow the knee!”

What a cluster of glories:
Skilled in playing; valiant,
A man of war, skilled
In speech; of good presence:
Jehovah is with him.

He went forth from his father
Bearing food from his father,
Parched corn and loves,
For his brethren. “I know” said Eliab,
“The naughtiness of thy heart”.

He went down into the valley
Of terebinths; down to the brook;
Down to the five smooth stones:
There in the ravine
He smote the giant.

Returned to his kingship, receiving
All that had been lost, he appealed
To his own, and David bowed
The heart of all the men of Judah
As one man.

What a cluster of glories:
The Son of His love, in whom
Is redemption; Firstborn
Of creation; Firstborn
From among the dead

He went forth from the Father
As the Man of His counsel
And He came to His own with
Words of grace and truth.  “This” they said,
“Is the heir: come let us kill him”.

He went down from the height of glory
To manhood; down to a bondman’s form;
Down to the death of the cross;
Down to the stone-closed grave;
Down to the bottoms of the mountains.

God has exalted Him, and will ensure
That every knee shall bow at
The name of Jesus; but now
The Lord has delight in
Hearts bowed to Him.

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  1. David, that is great. Dank je wel. Zo verhelderend en overzichtelijk.


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