Saturday, 6 February 2016


From Basho’s journeys
Pearls of haiku – and from mine?
Some digital photos
Fly quick, butterfly,
Now’s your opportunity
To be photographed
Too slow, butterfly,
But as least I can put you
Into my verses
You’re immortalised
In verse, yet you seem to show
That you couldn't care
No, black fly, I don’t
Want to have you in my verse:
I’m not Issa!
Dancing, butterfly,
With your lady; no wonder
I feel neglected
You zig and you zag
Till you make me feel dizzy;
Have you been drinking?
Launched over the bay
Of a loch, Amy Johnson
Of butterflies 

The tide is pushing
The water gently; a moment
I've my own island

Gull, are you following
The sea, your mistress into
Loch Hour's recesses?
 The sea refreshes
The dry seaweed that wilted
For this returning.

Crab has that water
Awakened you to dancing,
Bringing good tidings 
Some photographs from Loch Hourn in the West of Scotland
and a few verses written when there.
Basho and Issa are among the most famous writers of haiku;
I like the 5:7:5 formation but think only something written in Japanese is areal haiku.
Issa was particularly keen on insects,

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