Thursday, 15 October 2015



Well to select
For man's first sacrifice
Of the firstlings of the flock;
God saw
What would not be superseded.


What a sheep God
Provided Himself!  Its will,
Its vigour, binding it
To the will of another,
This ram.


Without blemish, a yearling
The passover lamb - blood
For safety; flesh for food:
From head, legs and inwards
The power for exodus.


The smallness of this
Suckling lamb!  Grandeur
Of a whole burnt-offering -
Give in humility; and God
Smells a sweet savour.

John the Baptist

But what was it like
To see One who outranks
All previous offerings?
Impulsion to exclaim,
"Behold the Lamb of God!".


In the midst of the throne
A Lamb standing, as slain,
Provokes the acclamation
Of myriads of myriads:
"Worthy is the Lamb!"

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