Sunday, 12 July 2015


Faithful Guard of Israel
From my soul great joy doth well:
Thou dost know the grief that rolls
On our feeble Christian souls;
Oh, our Guard without repose,
Without slumber, smile on those
On whose souls thy help arose.

See how anguish and distress
As surrounding us oppress:
Daily is the path more fraught:
Help preserve what Thou has taught;
Death will be victorious
- And our sight see nothing thus -
If Thou dost not stand with us.
Jesus, Thou with Jesus' name,
Helping us as Jesus came,
Help us now with Thy strong hand,
Deftly aid a helpless band:
Build around us thy great wall,
That our enemy may pall
And before Thy face may fall.

May Thy Father's powerful arm
Shelter us from every harm;
Manifest to us Thy might
Which we hope for day and night;
Scatter evil by Thy sword
Till all men with one accord
Recognise Thee as their Lord

Others trust in their own might,
To have luck, to be a knight.
All Thy Christians trust in Thee
Who their Help wilt ever be.
Let us not be drawn away,
Help and Counsellor each day,
Watching us in every way.
Thou art now a Man of war,
Champion we are waiting for,
Shattering the sword and spear,
Making bow's might disappear,
Setting chariots on the pyre,
Setting human hearts afire
Till Thy triumph is entire.
Thou as the true Prince of Peace
From distress will bring release;
Through Thy dying to atone
Peace with God again is known.
Give us peace mercifully!
We will answer joyfully,
Praising Thee eternally.

Reposting of my attempt at a translation (with help of our friend Google).

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  1. He who keeps Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps!


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