Thursday, 9 July 2015


(Exodus 12)
Foremost, He served me
Lamb, the passover - but balanced,
With the unleavened bread,
And herbs: bitters.

(Exodus 16)
A profusion, honey-sweet,
Like oil-cakes, fine
Manna. But
I had to gather it.

(Numbers 13)
Tastes of the land
He gave grapes,
Figs and pomegranates.

(Leviticus 3)
And the company!
For He shared with me
Peace-offerings: cattle
And sheep and goats ...

(Leviticus 2)
The food-offering too
He shared; but had His own
Special portion. But such fineness
To sustain me as a priest!

(Joshua 5: 10)
Again He plied me
With the food never
To be forgotten,
The passover.

(Joshua 5: 11)
 Lastly, from His land where
He made me at home,
Store-corn, risen life
Garnered for Himself.

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