Saturday, 27 June 2015


There she still shines as a resplendent bride
After near forty years of married life!
Rosemary: I am told to love my wife
As Christ loved the assembly.  Oh how wide
And long and deep and high, and to abide,
The love of Christ that won through grief and strife;
Yet as the blade and handle form one knife
We too are one, though grace He will provide.

I love my Rose in her variety:
The Pilgrim, Delicate Beauty, Superstar
Peace, Grace or Dove - she outshines them by far:
Lets sum her up as Blooming Marvellous!
Blessed by the Father in our amity
We thank Him for the children given us.

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  1. A wonderful God given talent You have and You use it to glorify Him.Wonderful : ) Thank You for Your comment and dropping by for a visit-Denise


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