Sunday, 3 May 2015


So as a lion mighty among beasts,
Which turneth not aside for any, Christ
Walked here, and, shunning pharisaic feasts,
Pursued the way that set His people free:
He did not turn away from Satan's wiles
Or enmity, or men's assaults, the cross,
Death, or the grave: the way that reconciles
To God entailed such triumph and such loss.

The Father honours Him, and thus He sits
Upon the throne of Him, who has delight
To choose the entourage of men He fits
To share the portion of the saints in light.

While He gives grace that in an evil day
His lion-hearted men won't turn away.

19 April 2015 Bedford

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  1. Grace on deserved, he showed on the cross when he died.


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