Thursday, 30 April 2015


Some things remain through 60 years
Your married life has seen:
The PM's an Etonian toff,
Elizabeth's still queen.

Still Mr Hutson lovingly
Will whisper Hazel's name
And thinks his Hazel wonderful,
While Hazel thinks the same.

And by some miracle of grace
- Despite what some declare -
No shade of variation harms
The shade of father's hair.

Some trends reverse as Edith and
As Scilla will attest
Those ancient parents we once found
Now have a youthful zest.

But what has marked these sixty years
Through joy or pain or shock
This was a marriage founded on
Christ Jesus as the Rock.

Through joy and sorrows year by year,
Through pleasures or alarms
They know that underneath them are
The everlasting arms

Through sixty years' experience
Of God the Father's care
They can take up another's words
And joyfully declare:

God's perfect love by Christ made known
It sets our hearts aglow;
It gives us to respond to Him,
And makes our praises flow.

Written for the diamond wedding of my parents-in-law on 23 April.  The last verse was by my mother-in-law's father. 

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