Monday, 24 March 2014


The Christ had come -
And shepherds, at the angels urging,
Rushed to encircle Him
With their acclamation.

Their Lord and Friend had come -
And the re-enlivened family
Surrounded Him
With love, service, and nard.

But His enemies
Crowded Him, hemmed Him, bound Him -
His grace
Allowed Him to be led.

What a circle of sadness
Gathered to convey
The body of the Lord Jesus
To the tomb.

A ring of joy
As the Risen One
Appeared among His own
Enjoying fresh relationships.

From their surroundings
The Lord ascended
To the place of glory -
Making a place for them.

In the midst of the throne
And of the four living creatures
And in the midst of the elders
John saw A Lamb standing…”

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