Thursday, 27 March 2014


Rejoice in the Lord who has brought us salvation:
He came from the glory to challenge our foes;
He came in His grace to have no reputation,
To serve as a bondman, to bear all our woes.

Rejoice in the Lord who was here for the Father
To show what God’s ideal in manhood would be,
To work out God’s purpose, to heal men, to gather,
To bring sons to glory, to set our souls free.

Rejoice in the Lord who is raised and ascended
And seated in glory at God’s own right hand:
He waits till God’s work in His people is ended
And all shine in glory as God’s heart has planned.

Rejoice in the Lord who has touched our affection,
Our Shepherd, our Master, our Shield and Reward;
The Man who has won us through charm and perfection:
O saints He has purchased - Rejoice in the Lord!

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