Monday, 24 February 2014


Because He valued Abel
God honoured him
By listening to the cry of his blood
From the ground.

He gave Joseph this accolade:
His coffin was carried,
Forty years,
By the myriads of the thousands of Israel.

Moses - faithful in all Gods house - God distinguished
As the only man
Whom He Himself buried.

Elishas grace and faith
Were accorded this distinction:
The dead man revived
When he touched Elishas bones.

In the sight of Jehovah
The death of His saints was precious.

But one Man deserved
                     A greater honour;
One Man required
                     A higher accolade;
One Man attracted
                     A greater distinguishment;
His moral worth
                     Ensured Him this distinction:
The Fathers glory raised Him from
                     Among the dead.

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