Saturday, 24 August 2013


For Rosie

We can see ourselves as
A pair of asses

- For each, like an ass, has been
By a perfect Lamb.

A pair -
Not ploughing with
An ox and an ass together.

And like Balaam's
Ready to speak well -
If by a miracle!

Alert for the time
When, specially,
The Lord has need of us;

But bearing, daily,
As we find grace,
Abigail to her Husband.


  1. hello david....i just found as i was going through my blog that you left such a great comment on
    my "little children and the elderly, our countries' treasure.".....for some reason my blog has not been displaying my comments and so i will have to fix this.

    david, are you living right in india now?...what a sad sad state of affairs that dear county has been having to deal with.....i remember last december when that sweet girl was attacked that this was one of the times that i asked god. "where were you?".....and that was very wrong of me i know...two other times i asked that same question of the lord....when i was 18 and was living with my sisters in a high rise apartment building, we took a real liking to the superintendent there....well several months after we were living there, there was a bad car accident and the super and his wife were rushed to the hospital.....the wife died almost immediately and a few days after the super died...i asked god, "why couldn't you have let him revive long enough so that at least he could have been given a chance to accept the lord jesus?"....and so i was very down for a few time on the far side of the city, very far from the ottawa civic hospital where the couple had died, i was at a bus stop and got talking to a girl there...she said that she was a nurse at the civic hospital and so i said, "too bad about that couple that was killed in the car accident a couple of months ago."
    "what was their name?" she asked me.."mr and mrs cocelle," i answered..."oh!" she said, "it was the strangest thing and it shouldn't have really happened, but the man woke up and was able to talk..he asked about his wife but he lived the day out."....just imagine david!..god DID give that man a chance and an apparently a clear mind where he could speak to him about his soul!.....i felt so relieved and hopeful that perhaps i will see that man in heaven!

    well david, i google about that indian girl and i was so amazed to read that when her brother visited her in the icu, and she knew that she was going to die..., she pointed up to heaven to tell him that that was where she was going!
    nobody know what the lord has planned through these tragedides.
    one good thing is that they have brought in the new law that eh guilty will spend the rest of their lives in prisons....usually david, i don't really go into politics but if this law i am glad!

    that story about the ass, david, was it the one where the ass had to have its neck broken if there was not a lamb to take its place...i will be forever thankful that i didn't get what i deserved and the perfect lamb paid for my heavy load of sin!

    thank you for listening to me is so nice to talk to you again....christian love, terry

    1. Thanks for the comments. No, I'm not in India - I just post my pictures on the India blog slowly! The nation is really very dark, with constant problems of corruption. This bring in what is special to the Lord in those who are faithful.

      We can be thankful that the Lord is in control, even in all of the tragedies.

      I mentioned in my blogs on 12 July and 19 July that the Lord took my mother, and that she was was buried on the second date. It was very peaceful, and she certainly knew where she was going.
      Grace be with you all.


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