Friday, 19 July 2013


Week by week we saw
A daughter's duty and love
Enveloped "home" - until
Love and duty came to be needed
In daily care.
She had always cared
As a sister: the long
Journeys bore a sister's care
To where the need lay
In a sister and her children.
Two trees together may form
An arch - supporting each other,
Shading others.  One dies - the other
Still shades; but still leans. So
She was as wife; and as widow.
I cannot remember the first
Smile, but will never forget
Her last one to me.  Between
How many to us to make her
Mother of all mothers.
All the relationships of nature
God gave; and gave grace
To relish and work out
With cheerful patience till the day
God chose to rend them.
But that grace depended
On the grace that had reached her:
So she received Jesus, He 
Who was rejected.  Born of God
She was, through the Father's love,
One of the children of God.
Through grace and the Spirit's power
That too was fulfilled and enjoyed,
Step by step with the Saviour,
Irradiated with divine love
Till, through grace her influence,
Made her "a mother in Israel".
Yet when the vessel was shattered
At the fountain these relationships
Broke also, their burden and gladness
Not to be resumed.  But the preciousness
Within, gathered in these relations,
God now has in His custody.

But grace has brought a new song to her lips
Which shall be heard throughout eternity
For love in purpose gave relationships
To be enjoyed in perpetuity.
The Son of God has died and lives for her;
His Spirit in her heart shed love abroad;
The Father called: the Trinity concur
In placing her among the sons of God!
Christ gave Himself for her and she will shine
As a constituent of His glorious bride,
Whose glory and formation are divine,
Who is forever at her bridegroom's side.
Oh mercy, loving-kindness, grace and love
Which gave such blessings - and a home above.
8-16 July 2013
We experienced the Lord's help and support today in the meeting for ministry 
on the occasion of my mother's burial and at the grave side.  Thanks for prayers. 


  1. beyond beautiful. sending you love, blessings, and prayers.

  2. dear david...when i received your message today about the passing to heaven of your mom, i wondered why i have a sore spot in my throat and a tears in my heart and eyes....i know that she is in heaven but what a large space she has left on earth and what a big space she has left in her family...when you let me look at your family pictures, i so admired her....this beautiful saint of god with her lovely hair, her smiling, shining face and her godly apparel...her pretty dress...i used to go quite often to see your family but alas i have lost the number...the key to go in!
    david, you have my heart felt sympathy because even though she has gone to heaven, i know how you will miss her!

    david as i was looking for and finding the july 12th and the july 19th, i could not help but notice some of your poems and your expressions....i will surely come back and read and enjoy a feast when i look at your posts....facebook has taken so many people away from blogger! is not the same!..even our sweet amrita isn't writing posts like she used to do......
    please take care dear friend and take the encouragement and the love that the lord jesus is forever sending your way!.......heaven's's loss........with love terry


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