Monday, 11 June 2012


Seeing a Man
Who harboured in His heart
The detail of God’s will,
And forged out thus to do it,
God is satisfied
In Jesus.

Seeing a Man,
Light to a heart’s dark,
Food to a famished heart,
Joy to its grimness
I am satisfied
In Jesus.

Seeing a man
Acquired at the cost of His blood,
Clad in His excellence,
Blessed and re-forged by His Spirit
Jesus is satisfied
In me.


  1. This is beautiful. "Jesus is satisfied in me." How often the enemy makes us work so hard thinking we need to gain heaven's approval. Well, yes, for the outworking of the righteousness that Jesus paid for... but at the same time, no - cause all we need is to flow with what Jesus is doing in us.

    David, I wrote a reply to your comment on my recent post. Thank you.

  2. Congratulations my dear brother, the commitment to excellence in every subject posted. That the sweet Holy Spirit continue to use it as a vessel of blessings. It is an honor to enjoy excellent posts. A week blessed the beloved brother and family. Much peace and health. I leave the invitation to visit me and join my humble blog will be an honor to have you as a follower.

    In Christ,


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