Sunday, 10 June 2012


Blessing and love and mercy moved
In each touch of the Saviour’s hand;
God’s heart of grace towards men was proved
In ways that they could understand.

Each movement of the Saviour’s feet
Brought Him to men at God’s behest
That all God’s will should be complete
And all God’s people should be blest.

He showed such kindness in His face
To men for whom He had been sent:
That one who loved, and drew on grace,
Through one look hastened to repent.

His face was beaten with a rod;
His hands and feet were nailed to wood:
Perfection thrilled the heart of God;
Men saw the zenith of all good.

Risen He showed pierced feet and hands;
His blessing hands displayed His love;
Now all the glory worth demands
Shines in His face in heaven above.

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  1. Great poem and nice use of rhyme! It's nice to see a fellow Christian poet out here! I am now following you thru blogger reader. Take care!


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