Thursday, 14 June 2012


Verily the whole
Of the speaking of God is
Sealed in the Amen.

Love has been made known
Lovingly in the Man who
Is the Beloved.

God so approved of
The Man who acted for Him
That He made Him Christ.

From sin, God’s judgement,
And self, Jesus has become
The Deliverer.

In descending grace
God Himself came near to us
In Emmanuel.

When my need was for
Oil, wine, binding and bearing
Jesus came as Friend.

Seeing Baby, Child
Or Man remember He is
Personally God.

To His assembly
The Father gave Him to be
Head over all things.

The One who appeared
In time could rightfully claim
To be the I AM.

Good, great, just? Gentle?
No word could add to the charm
Of the name Jesus.

Proclaim hosannas,
Exclaim loud hallelujahs,
And acclaim Christ King!

Soon every tongue will
Confess it - but now His own
Gladly call Him Lord.

His happy bondman
I willingly acknowledge
He is my Master.

Though heaven was home
He was content to be called
The Nazarean,

For the expression
Of God He is the Alpha
And the Omega.

Jesus will return
To rule in prosperity
As the Prince of Peace.

As the Last Adam
Jesus is active now as
A Quickening Spirit.

I know that He lives
Who shed His blood that He might
Be my Redeemer.

More excellent than
Any created being
This One is the Son.

Not by words only
But by perfect example
He is our Teacher.

He was unblemished,
Unspotted, undiverted,

No other Victim has
Emerged so gloriously as
The complete Victor.

In what He has done,
What He said, and what He is
He is Wonderful.

If my language fails
Start with another and say
That He is Xavier.    (Splendid - Sp/Ar)

For  all of the truth
That God has made known to man
The Lord is the Yea.

He, the Lord Jesus,
Now known in resurrection
Is the true Zion.


  1. Awesome! That's really brilliant David. You are really good! Glory to God! Glory to Jesus!

  2. Dear David, get your visit and comment glad my heart. Would complete my joy also follow my blog will be an honor!

    His message is very uplifting, worthy of our Lord. This is proof that you are a true worshiper and servant of Christian character.


    In Christ,



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