Thursday, 31 May 2012


A perfect love
Outside time
Conceived the seed-plot,
Seed, blade, bloom,
That there should be fruit
To perfect love's satisfaction.

A perfect Man
Uncorroded by sin,
Undeterred by mankind's
Reiterated insult,
Unmovable from the perfect will
Could be the perfect sacrifice.

A perfect work
Enduring the severe sword
And meeting every charge
Against us, every challenge against
God, has been completed,
In perfect righteousness.

To which God gave
The perfect answer - making Him
Both Lord and Christ;
Now He sits
Awaiting the perfect time
Upon the Father's throne.

The perfect result!
A city, having God's glory,
Descending from heaven:
Having "her shining"
To the eternal satisfaction
Of perfect love.

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