Tuesday, 1 May 2012


One Person did the Father’s will
 And answered to His voice;
Lord Jesus, how our beings thrill
 To Thee, the Father’s choice.

But now we know that we are those
 Who, ere the world began,
The Father, for His pleasure, chose
 For favour in that Man.

So let us choose the Father’s way
 In hearkening to the Son
That Christ may give us, in His day,
 The accolade “Well done”.


  1. David, thank you so much for visiting His Story! I appreciated you comment very much. I love your blog, very powerful, yet humble biblical truth. Thank you.

  2. David,
    These lines speak of my heart's desire - to give joy to the Father's heart in everything I do and say.

    Just want to let you know your comments on my blog always serve to brighten up my day.

    Blessings of peace...


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