Saturday, 19 May 2012


The water garden was designed by Prince Philip; the plants in the cracks are the herb garden!


When puissant Bruce had freed his land,
With Edward's myriads overthrown
By cunning, strategy and force,
He justly claimed it for his own
And ruled amid his clamant court
A leper on a throne.

When Arthur led his gallant knights
To aid and vindicate the just
Who, having formerly despaired,
Acclaimed a monarch they could trust
His host contained Modred his bane
The product of his lust.

And when King David was supreme
From the Euphrates to the sea,
While subjugated nations brought
Silver and gold at his decree,
Within his homeland Absalom
Attained a high degree.

No monarch, great, or good, or just,
Suffices in his quality
To exercise before his God
An undiminished sovereignty;
Apart from Christ whose reign reflects
His own nobility.


  1. I have heard of this royal abode, wonderful

  2. Awesome David! Will add it in the series. :)


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