Tuesday, 11 October 2011


And then the end;  when even death is quenched,
The great bereaver  ultimately bereft,
All enmity,  perpetually dispelled
And God has rendered Him  His recompense
As under Him  all things are subjected;
Thus we will see  this final excellence
When He gives up to God  the kingdom then
And He, the Son,  is subjected Himself:
So in the sight  of all the universe
God’s ultimate  will grandly be expressed -
In Him God’s purpose  finds its eternal rest:
God all in all,  supreme and immanent.

And this closes my last file of verse. It's been 1 ,261 - including a few duplications.  I don't think many read the first one - so we're into repeats now, along with anything else I feel like posting.  Grace be with you all, and thanks to all who have followed. To God be the glory!

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