Saturday, 23 October 2010


His priestly order, that of Melchisedec,
Is intransmissible, and has no end,
Triumphant over the tentacles of death.
In priestly garb “Holinesse on the Head”,
Light and perfection cherished within the breast,
“Harmonious bells below, raising the dead”
To bear and lead them to lasting life and rest,
In heavenly blue - thus our true Aaron’s drest.
He has approached as perfect offerer,
His offering perfection of Himself:
In power of blood which He Himself had shed
He made the way into the holiest.

(Includes references to George Herbert's poem.)


  1. Always a pleasure to read these and move on thinking of your words.

  2. I don 't know David whether you have experienced anything like this, but in India we engage in spiritual warfare on the face to face basis. Many times we experience the presence of an evil spirit through the smell of a goat. There are no goats around an d suddenly this bad odour drifts into your room. We immediately rebuke it in the Name of Jesus an d by Hi s blood and within seconds th e smell leaves. This has happened many time. There days ther e is a lot of demonic activity going on. Tonight is Karva Chauth - husband worship night.

    I had this encounter afew minutes ago. Got victory in Jesus


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