Saturday, 16 October 2010


"its head with its legs and with its inwards", Exodus 12: 9

What of His head? It was as finest gold,
Concordant with the glory of God’s throne.
But men bestowed upon Him many a blow:
His was the head they spat upon and smote.
But God who saw men smite Him here below
Rejoiced in Him as He rejoiced to know.
God by whose will He suffered pain and woe
Crowned Him because of all the grief He bore,
Glorified Jesus for all the grace He showed
And showered Him with wealth of heaven’s resource.

What of His legs? They are as marble pillars;
They bore Him on His gracious holy mission
Which brought God’s thoughts of blessing to their fulfilment.
Men led the Lord towards the cross to kill Him
But Stephen saw Christ glorified and risen
Standing to bless though Israel had been wilful.
Stately in bearing the Lord, once dead, but living
Comes to His own, a people who are willing.

What of His inwards? In tenderness He wept
Seeing a world impacted on by death;
But He rejoiced in simple pious men
Who were God’s gift to One whom He had sent.
And as He came towards Golgotha’s depths
His soul recoiled in perfect holiness!
And His great cry as One who was bereft -
No words can tell what its profoundness meant.
And still His inwards are towards those on earth
Whom He secured at infinite expense.


  1. So many Biblical images come together in this. Daniel's statue, Exodus, Psalms... A lovely poem.


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