Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Jehovah helped His old repentant people
And by His thunder the Philistines were beaten:
They raised to God the rock of Eben-ezer;
Upon the sea, loving but doubting Peter
Exclaimed “Lord, help me” and was sustained by Jesus.
But this is not confined to history merely:
The Lord is near and gives His help to me now
As I can tell because of my experience -
I have Thy help in overcoming evil,
I have Thy help for shepherding and healing,
I have Thy help exploring heavenly regions
And for these things - how much Thy help is needed!

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  1. All of my help ,not some of it but all of my help cometh from the Lord ... i don't know where i would have ended up if the Lord had not been by my side.

    God is ever ready to help us when we ask Him to, may we continue to lean on Him.
    thanks 4 sharing


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