Friday, 10 September 2010


Gilgal's the first place they approach;
They're circumcised; and the reproach
Of Egypt's rolled away;
The circumcision of the Christ
In moral working has sufficed
To clear a heavenly way.

Another cause to celebrate
Was when the sons of Israel ate
The old corn of the land;
The heavenly Man sustains the thought
Of heavenly persons who are brought
To take a heavenly stand.

Led by the ark the people go
Around the walls of Jericho
Daily, for seven days;
No other ensign is unfurled
Than Christ, to overcome the world
Which seeks to thwart God's ways.

They shout, and the ensuing fall
Of Jericho's surrounding wall
Brings Rahab forth to life;
In conflicts which the soul endures
It rests in this: God's love ensures
His spoil from any strife.

Defying what God had decreed
Achan was lured by fatal greed
For things that were accursed:
Although the world's defeated now
Its things still harm when we allow
Temptations as at first.

Directed by Jehovah's hand
Israel battle for the land
God promised long ago;
Combat in prayer; let grace abound;
And, by the Spirit's power, gain ground
From our insidious foe.

Caleb, whom God had caused to live,
Called for the place they were to give
Despite the Anakim;
The Lord provides a heavenly place
Now, through the Spirit's power, and grace,
For those who trust in Him.

At Caleb's challenge Othniel took
Debir, the city of the book,
And Achsah was his prize;
Now vigorously overthrow
Man's wisdom - and God's love will show
Fresh blessings to your eyes.

When Caleb gave a southern land
He blessed, at Achsah's fresh demand,
Upper and lower springs;
In spiritual or moral thought
It's by the Spirit that we're brought
To life in holy things.

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