Thursday, 9 September 2010


Joshua has assumed the lead;
Victuals are cooked on which to feed;
The ark fills Israel's view;
Christ formed in you may be your guide;
Christ is the food God will provide;
Christ is the Way for you.

Although the Jordan overflows
The priest-borne ark serenely goes
Into the watercourse;
The One who is the Prince of life
Has boldly entered into strife
Against death's awesome force.

O Jordan, why do you retreat
The moment that these priestly feet
Rest in your water's flow?
O death, why do you taste defeat?
The work of Christ is so complete
It quells our ancient foe.

Now as the Israelites embark
As following Jehovah's ark
The river's bed is dry;
With Christ our Saviour we have died:
Baptised, we are identified
With One who came to die.

As Israel stands on Canaan's shore
'The Jordan flows on as before
With undiminished tide';
Now we enjoy our heavenly tryst
As 'buried we, and raised with Christ
Stand on the other side'.

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