Saturday, 4 September 2010


The Israelites now bake and beat
The manna given them to eat
Each morning on the dew;
Oh! Christian, pray you will not tire
Of Christ, who's worthy to acquire
Increasing worth to you!

They lust for meat - and soon you see
The quails Jehovah sent; yet He
Put leanness in the soul;
Judge lust by which you will not feed
On Christ, who answers every need
And makes the Christian whole.

When Moses' siblings' jealousy
Results in Miriam's leprosy
How fervently he pleads!
How well, when sins seems to enmesh,
Through sin that's working in the flesh
Our Patron intercedes!

They chose a man from every tribe
To find what blessings they describe
In spying out the land;
The Spirit helps you to explore
God's purposes, though they are more
Than you can understand.

While all affirm the land is good
And bring back samples of its food
Most make the people cower;
God's thought are good, and He has stRength
To bring you to His land at length
In spite of Satan's power.

But Caleb makes the people still
Assuring them that by God's will
The land will yet be theirs;
As we, obediently, employ
Our faculties we may enjoy
All that God's love confers.


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