Sunday, 5 September 2010


First they rebelliously refuse
To go; and then to wait; and lose
Their lives at Hormah's heights;
Oh Christian, learn to fear the flesh
And judge it as it makes each fresh
Revolt against God's rights.

Despite the will, or flaws, of men
Immediately God speaks of "when
Ye come into the land".
Although temptation may assail
And we, in human weakness, fail
God's purposes will stand.

Despite their errors which God loathes
He marks them out, because their clothes
All bear a lace of blue;
Though here on earth still you may roam
The truth that heaven is your home
Is constantly in view.

But quickly Korah and his band
Claim that they have a right to stand
And offer priestly fire;
Religious flesh desires to seize
A place with God; it will not please
Or answer His desire.

All whom vain-glory caused to strive
For pride were swallowed up alive
And sank into the ground;
There is no feature of the mind,
However speciously refined,
That God will not confound.

The prince of each of Israel's tribes
Must bring a staff, as God prescribes,
To find whom He approves;
To quell in us the flesh's strife
God now will demonstrate the life
In which His Spirit moves.

Here is God's answer to their strife:
The power of resurrection life
In Aaron's budding rod;
Who, with His company, has sufficed
To act in priestly order? Christ,
The risen Son of God.

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  1. Glad to find you David, via Philip Robinson. I would be interested in getting a copy of "Blessings". Not sure what the cost would be of shipping and handling to the USA. My e-mail address is


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