Tuesday, 31 August 2010


Remember as you have to fight
The treacherous Amalekite
Moses' uplifted hands;
Though flesh is struggling to deter
Your soul's advance, remember where
Your Intercessor stands!

Not only was a better sphere
In mind - but that you should be near
Through all the LORD has wrought;
Not only did the Lord give grace
To bring you to a better place -
It's to Himself you're brought.

Israel, that, in holiness
To Him, you brave the wilderness
God gladly will record;
Christian, espoused, a virgin chaste
That you have followed in this waste
Is pleasing to the Lord.

Despite the terrors that you saw
When challenged if you'd keep the law
You readily concurred;
Enamoured by the truth of how
Christ died you gladly made a vow
That you would keep His word.

But Israel, through bitter days
You will discover all God's ways
Beyond you to fulfil;
Young Christian, in God's ways you must
Find there is nothing you can trust
In self to do God's will.

But as you bow to God in awe
Learn that the focus of the law
Concerns the Hebrew slave;
Consider love's avowed intent
Which bound Christ Jesus till He went
To cross and death and grave!

In lands of plenty or of dearth
Ensure an altar made of earth
Is raised for sacrifice;
Be diligent in all your days
That God is served as both your praise
And supplications rise.

And if your altar is of stone
Ensure it's formed from that alone
Unmarred by human skill;
One overcame death and reproach -
Through Him you must have your approach
Apart from human will.


  1. I love to read these. Such a neat retelling, full of telling detail and reasons to remember and reread the original. Thank you!

  2. I love every detail of the words you write.
    They contain life and truth.
    Thanks for sharing.


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